Fill Your Attic in Hampden, & Bangor, ME With Blown-In Insulation

Fill Your Attic in Hampden, & Bangor, ME With Blown-In Insulation

JS Insulators can take care of your attic insulation needs right away

As the warm air from your HVAC system circulates throughout your home, it rises up toward your attic. An insulated attic will keep that air inside, forcing it to eventually cool and continue circulating. Without the proper attic insulation, that hot air will keep traveling upward until it leaves your home.

To keep your HVAC system from working overtime, turn to JS Insulators. We offer blown-in insulation installation services in the Hampden, & Bangor, ME areas. You can trust us to perform a proper installation and clean up after ourselves once we're done.

Reach out to JS Insulators now to take advantage of our blown-in insulation installation services.

What makes blown-in insulation superior?

Blown-in insulation is an excellent choice for larger homes and buildings throughout Hampden, & Bangor, ME. With this type of attic insulation, you can:

  • Fill a large attic with insulation at a low cost
  • Complete the installation process quickly
  • Protect the environment by using a 75% recycled insulation material

To speak with an attic insulation contractor from JS Insulators, call 207-231-0041 now. You can schedule an installation appointment at your convenience.